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We're Hiring an Executive Director

Executive Director

About Haven

Haven is a five-year-old non-profit organization with an $800,000 per year budget led as a partnership between its executive director, diverse twelve-member Executive Board, and its community advisory board. Operations include a residential respite center located on Roosevelt Avenue in Jersey City, a Medicaid-funded therapeutic program for youth and families, and a range of day services for youth and their families at risk of homelessness and incarceration. Haven has a growing staff of eight which, we envision, will grow to twelve by the end of fiscal year 2021.

We provide counseling, positive opportunities for youth development, and peer support for adolescents and their families without stigma and without assigning blame in an effort to keep youth at home when possible and safe. We provide a short-term residential alternative to incarceration or homelessness when necessary.

We create a partnership with existing community organizations and a family’s own social network to bolster the resilience of young people and their families allowing them to master family conflicts which adolescence, poverty, social and political pressures, and mental health and drug addiction intensify. Located on Roosevelt Avenue, Jersey City, New Jersey, we provide a range of services for families and youth described below.

We as parents/guardians, community members, and youth service providers are thrilled to provide a new alternative for youth and their families when conflicts intensified by stress, poverty, racism, etc., get too intense. We work to divert young people from long-term homelessness and criminal justice involvement and be contributors to a strong and vibrant community support structure for Hudson County families with teens. We aspire to build a strong relationship with Hudson County young people and their families which acknowledges and instrumentalizes the strengths of family with youth and the wealth of resources within their communities.

About the position

TITLE: Executive Director

REPORTS TO: Board of Directors

POSITION: Exempt Full Time

PRIMARY FUNCTION: In accordance with the elements of competence established for Haven executives, the Executive Director is responsible for overseeing strategic planning and operation of the Respite Community Center, in support of organizational mission and goals.

The Executive Director provides leadership, direction, and support to the Board of Directors in developing organizational goals, attaining/allocating resources, and establishing policies.

The Executive Director provides leadership and direction to staff in carrying out the key roles assigned to them.

Executive Director must have experience working in urban communities and can infuse social justice and human rights perspectives within the work of the agency.

Also, the Executive Director will utilize strength-based practices and transformational leadership skills to ensure that overall employee cohesion and wellbeing take place.

Experience working within communities of color, and LGBTQA+ communities required.

Essential Job Responsibilities


- Provide leadership and direction to ensure the effective operation and delivery of programs within the center and community

- Support the organization’s mission and principles

- Ensure an environment that facilitates the achievement of family resiliency outcomes

- Ensure the implementation of programs, services, and activities that meet the requirements of all grants and support family resiliency outcomes

- Ensure establishment of and adherence to policies and procedures.

Strategic Planning

- Ensure and oversee a strategic planning process is instituted that results in the development and implementation of a quality strategic plan

- Ensure and oversee the identification and evaluation of opportunities for improvement and implement plans for improvements.

- Work together with program director, finance director, and consultants for strategic planning and funding opportunities

Resource Development

- Ensure the annual budget is funded and organization has adequate cash flow.

- Oversee the development of financial development strategic plans and, as necessary, participate in cultivation and solicitation visits with development staff, consultation, and board members.

Resource Management

- Ensure development, implementation, and monitoring of Haven’s annual budget in collaboration with financial management staff and Board Finance Committee.

Ensure all necessary administrative and operational systems are in place to support effective operations.

- Ensure productive and effective staff performance, managing the performance of management level professionals ensuring growth and success.

- Oversee proper record keeping and reporting including activities and events conducted, breakdowns of daily participation figures and trends, notable achievements, and any problems/issues.

- Oversee maintenance of Haven’s building and ensure that it serves as a safe and open space.

- Ensure development, implementation, and monitoring of plans for updating existing technology and resources.

- Ensure the acquisition and allocation of funds for implanting and updating existing technology resources.

- Ensure the maintenance of Haven technology and information systems.

Staff Supervision and Development

- Empower staff to perform their roles successfully.

- Oversee human resources functions for the board.

- Provide vision and leadership to staff and facilitate teamwork.

Partnership Development

- Develop strategic alliances with community leaders and local officials. Develop collaborative partnerships with other community stakeholders.

- Ensure that partnerships are aligned with the social justice and human rights framework of the agency.

Marketing and Public Relations

- Increase visibility of Haven programs, services, and activities.

- Develop and maintain good public relations with the diverse communities within and surrounding Hudson County.

Increase social media campaigns and work with consultants on social media funding campaigns.

- Attend events and other public relations as needed.

- Strong skills in writing, public speaking, and the ability to manage complex organizational relationships.


- Internal: Maintain contact with Board of Directors, Haven staff, volunteers, and Haven members and their parents utilizing strength-based approaches and transformational leadership skills.

- External: Maintain contact with potential and current donors, external community groups, school officials, parents/guardians, community leaders, and others as required.


- Master’s degree from an accredited college or university preferred with background in social work or psychology.

- Emphasis on experience working with communities of color and LGBTQA+ communities, and within social justice and human rights frameworks.

- A minimum of five to ten years experience in managing programs or operations in a non-profit agency or, with at least three years in a leadership capacity; or an equivalent combination of experience.

- Thorough knowledge of: the mission, objectives, policies, programs and procedures of Haven; the principles and practices of managing non-profit organizations; and resource development activities and sources of funding.

- Demonstrated ability to organize, direct, plan and coordinate operations.

- Leadership skills, including negotiation, problem-solving, decision making, delegation.

Strong communication skills, both oral and written.

- Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with the Board of Directors, staff, community groups, and other related agencies.

- Basic knowledge of asset management including financial resources and property.

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Equal Employment Opportunity at Haven

Haven affirms that inequality is detrimental to our staff, our clients, and the communities we serve. Our goal is to impact lasting change through our actions. Together, we unite for equality and equity. Haven is committed to equal employment opportunities regardless of any protected characteristic, including race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, immigration status, age, and will not discriminate against anyone on the basis of a disability. We seek to engage and empower all of the communities we serve and to support an inclusive workplace that reflects our community.

Ethics at Haven

Haven has a proud history of serving the community with the highest ethical standards and full compliance with all applicable laws. We also expect our people to uphold our values with the highest level of integrity and behave in a manner that fosters an honest and respectful workplace.

Salary range: $90k to $100k. Health Benefits.

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