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Last week 16 students from the Franklin High School in Jersey City came to visit Haven.

Updated: Apr 11, 2023

Franklin is a new kind of private high school — a place where students have the freedom to chart their own course, as they lean on our long history of educational excellence. Their mission is to broaden access to a world-class private school education, enabling students to become innovators and socially responsible global leaders.

For their community service project as a school, the students came to Haven to decorate our newly renovated bedrooms to add some empowering quotes to uplift the adolescents during their stay. Eric Harrield, Director of Co-Curricular Programs and Matthew Adam of the English Department were very instrumental in making sure the students were organized and focused as they fleshed out their ideas in such a way that it would leave a lasting impression.

Mr. Harrield stated, "It was our first community service week and as a small school we wanted to engage with small effective projects that were striving to make a difference in young people's lives. Haven was that project." The quotes provided (as seen above) really added a sense of warmth and comfort for our kids during a time of upheaval. Hopefully, we'll be able to partner with Franklin School in another capacity.

We are thankful for our Havenites and our Community Partners. We couldn't do this work and pour into these young people without your encouragement and support. If you love what you are hearing and would like to be a part of the Havenite Family, please donate by clicking the button below. For more information, contact 201-344-6589.

Keith Dent - Executive Director

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