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Programs and Services

What We Do


Cook. Eat. Talk.

Come and enjoy a hot meal prepped, cooked and served by fellow youth in your community. Learn to cook, eat some food, and find community by making new friends. (This program is outside or in smaller groups with food prepared by adults while Covid-19 restrictions are in place)  

Life Skills Groups

Offered at different times for different age groups, Haven offers a ten-week life skills group. Topics are decided by each group but can include cooking, computer use, budgeting and finance, resume writing, interview skills, social justice, community service, and more. Graduates are eligible to receive community service credit hours. The program provides a safe, welcoming space for youth ages 12-21 during early evening and weekend hours.  


Young Men's Group 

Evening Program for youth in grades 6-12 to have REAL conversations facilitated by young men of color FOR young men of color.  


LGBTQIA Support Group

This Support Group is specific to LGBTQIA+ youth who are in need of guidance and a safe place to learn, grow and be themselves. Allies are also welcome.


Crisis Intervention 
Our social work staff accepts referrals from parents of teens and teens themselves for emergency crisis intervention to prevent homelessness and incarceration when family conflict arises.  \



Individual and family psychotherapy using trauma-informed and holistic mind/body techniques as appropriate. Services are provided free of charge. We are also a CSOC IIC agency and can accept referrals through Hudson Partnership CMO and Hudson County Mobile Response and can provide therapy, STRIVE, and caregiver coaching. 


STRIVE is a five to seven session psycho-educational program provided in the home of a young person to address the risks of homelessness and incarceration that family conflict may bring. teaches young people and their parents about role clarification, problem solving and productive conflict. After several years of implementation and study it has demonstrated reduced drug use and sexual risk-taking behaviors and an increase in housing stability for youth involved. Our experienced clinicians are available to provide STRIVE for families throughout Hudson County.  


Caregiver Coaching/Support 

Individual sessions to help caregivers learn tools for navigating and improving their relationship with their child and find support for their own challenges and needs. Services are provided in home or via zoom.  


Caregiver Support Groups

These weekly groups are for any caregiver of an adolescent in need of support dealing with the everyday challenges of parenting an adolescent. Find community and share your parenting successes and challenges without blame or judgement.


Day Services

Specialized Program for any youth currently involved with or at risk of involvement with the Juvenile Justice System. With a referral, each youth will get a personally tailored schedule of 20 hours of services for 10 weeks. Services can include any of our programs.


Remote Learning Support

We provide a space and a device with internet from 9am-5pm for youth to engage in their online classes, receive breakfast and lunch, and find community. Please contact for information, **SPACE IS LIMITED**


Check our calendar to see when each program is offered.

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